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Pour Over Coffee

Pour Over Coffee

A Sit Back And Savour Cup Of Coffee!

Pour over coffee enhances the fruity and chocolatey notes of a beautiful roasted coffee bean and evenly distributes the water across the surface of the coffee grounds. The beautiful notes within a coffee beans are extracted perfectly using this method, preventing a burned flavour from over extracted grounds - take a minute to sip this coffee black - this method brings out every bit of awesome from your coffee and brings about new appreciation for a cup o' joe!

To create the perfect pour over coffee, a ratio of 6-10g of roasted coffee beans for every 100ml water is recommended. The higher the weight of your beans to water ratio, the stronger your coffee will be, so that is a personal choice.

2 MinPrep Time
4 MinCooking Time

Step 1 - Grind 15-20g coffee beans to a medium grind, about the size of salt. Using a ceramic hand or electric grinder will give you the perfect grind which keep the ground at an evenly size, allowing for even extraction. Bring about 400ml water to boil and pour into a pourable measuring cup. A gooseneck kettle is perfect for this to control water direction, but a measuring cup will work in a pinch.

Step 2 - Place filter into dripper and set over top a mug wide enough to balance lip of dripper inside the mug. Soak the paper filter with water, maybe 70-100ml. Pour out water and set dripper over top mug again. Pour in coffee grounds.

Step 3 - Begin by pouring in ½ cup boiling water and letting grounds bubble up - oils within the grounds are being released, so let sit for 30 seconds. Then continue to pour in hot water in a circle, stirring grounds clockwise 3 times, allowing grounds to follow the path of the spiral of the dripper. Continue pour water until you have added in about 300ml water total. Let coffee drain through filter completely and discard filter and grounds.

  • Coffee Lab Citrate
  • Fernwood Coffee Guji - Cheri Mill
  • Congo Medium Roast
  • Skerton Coffee Grinder
  • V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper
  • 12oz Handmade Blue Coffee Mugs