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Skerton Coffee Grinder

Hario Gourmet Skerton Coffee Grinder $39 USD

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Show off your love for coffee anywhere you go! This grinder can come with you to music festivals, camping trips, boating, wherever! Plus there's just something about freshly ground coffee that feels - and smells - so right.

Ask any coffee enthusiast and they'll tell you that burr grinders are infinitely superior to blade grinders. This great little hand grinder is compact but yields amazing results. It is fully adjustable for custom grinds to suit the brewer's preferences, with a tidy receptacle to hold the grind. The burr method produces no heat, thereby preserving the oils and flavours of quality coffees for incredible cups, every time. Ceramic burrs are long-lasting and the small size takes up minimal counter space with no need for an electrical outlet to get custom-ground beans.

  • Pour Over Coffee