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Range 600ml Coffee Server

Hario Gourmet 600ml Range Coffee Server $29 USD

Taking coffee seriously.

This is our big meeting pot. Or the impress-our-inlaws pot. It gets around the table with style and grace, keeping that much-needed brew hot and keeping all the sediment for itself when you pour yourself a cup. Such a winner!

Delightfully beehive-shaped and constructed of heat-resistant thick Japanese glass, this carafe is the perfect complement to the Hario drip-through system, but can be used a variety of ways to suit your needs. From its broad and stable base to the rubber-sealed glass lid, this carafe is a superb way to serve great coffee. Designed to be practical, it is dishwasher and microwave safe and provides beautiful service while imparting absolutely no impurities or flavour to your brew. A great addition to any kitchen!