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Pomegranate Quince White Balsamic

Olive the Senses Pomegranate Quince White Balsamic Vinegar $10 USD

“A balsamic for the creative class”

Do you even know where to buy quince? How long does it take to juice a pomegranate? Why are we asking you so many questions? Because we know it would take extraordinary effort to get this combination of ingredients. But they've been united in this balsamic and the result is impressive indeed. Because we're fairly sure you don't have a quince tree at home. We sure don't!

An ambrosial combination of juicy Grenada pomegranate and floral winter quince, this gorgeously tart and crisp white balsamic is sure to fire up your creative senses. It pairs well with tart infused olive oils or fruitier EVOOs as a delicious vinaigrette or just drizzled over fresh fruit. Its sharp, clean flavour makes it perfect for adding to cocktails and it is outstanding with salty aged cheeses.

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