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Mole Negro Spices

Épices de Cru Mole Negro Zapotecan Spices $0 USD

You don't know Mexican until you've mole'd!

Bring the Zapotecan to life in your own kitchen! These beautiful whole herbs need to be ground up, but the effort will be worth it once you whip up your very own delicious mole negro! If you think you like Mexican food, you have to be able to claim you've had this classic dish!

Mole is a classic Mexican sauce. native to the valley of Oaxaca. There are many varieties of the dish is the Mole Negro, and with this fabulous blend from Épices de Cru, an authentic edition made at home is possible. Made with ancho and chilhaucle chilies and an assortment of quality Mexican spices, this will produce a mold that will be divine over chicken, turkey, pork, and game.