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Jalapeño White Balsamic

Olive the Senses Jalapeño White Balsamic Vinegar $10 USD

Get it jalapeño your face!

We're loving this balsamic in salsas! If you think that jalapeños have to burn your tastebuds off, we're about to prove you wrong. This balsamic shows that jalapeño is all about flavour. Sure, it has a bit of a kick - it's definitely not bland - but it's not going to completely commandeer your creations and take over. It's willing to play nice.

Rich, ripe jalapeño taste that is mildly spicy and never overpowering makes this white balsamic perfect for oil pairings. It is especially well-matched with Olive the Senses chipotle or garlic infused olive oils for dressings and dips. Its light and flavourful character makes it a fabulous addition to sauces, salsas, and marinades, with a full and seasoned taste that is brilliant yet nuanced.

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