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Honey Balsamic Mustard

Edmon Fallot Honey & Balsamic Dijon Mustard $5 USD

As beautiful as it sounds!

If you didn't like salads before, this might just nudge you over to the health side! It is soooo good mixed in with a simple olive oil and balsamic dressing, adding new flavour dimensions to make your 'pile of vegetables' restaurant-style inexplicably delicious. It's a bit milder than other Fallot Dijons too, so everyone will love this special mustard!

A symphony of tastes with every ingredient perfectly complementing the other. Rich balsamic vinegar and meadow honey create a wonderfully sweet counterpoint for the piquant flavour of French mustard. Created at the Fallot Mustard Mill in Burgundy, France using traditional methods and ingredients of utmost integrity, this mustard is wonderful on sandwiches or in vinaigrette.

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