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Espresso Dark Balsamic

Olive the Senses Espresso Dark Balsamic Vinegar $10 USD

Words can not espresso . . .

Okay, we've got a bit of a thing for ice cream. This balsamic blew our minds when we first tasted it dappled onto gelato. We love it on pork or portobello mushrooms too, but OMG on ice cream! It made us do a little dance, it was THAT good. We're not quite ready to audition for a dance competition yet, but we're practicing . . . by eating more ice cream.

This premium balsamic has an extraordinary depth of character. Our espresso balsamic boasts a rich and redolent nose with a subtle apple flavour that is incredible in sauces as well as with poultry or pork. A balsamic of great complexity and personality, it will enhance any meal and is superb drizzled on gelato.

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