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Caraway Seeds
Caraway Seeds

Épices de Cru Whole Caraway Seeds $7 USD

You'll be carried away by our caraway seeds!

Pickles, breads, desserts, liquors, casseroles, basically all delicious food contain caraway seeds! Warm, sweet, and slightly peppery, plus rich in essential nutrients and minerals, this quality spice does not disappoint!

A seasoning with a lot of power and flavour, caraway is to be used sparingly but brings a special quality everywhere it is used. It is especially popular in European and Indian cuisine. Use it to season biryanis or cabbage dishes, to bake rye bread, or sauerkraut. A required seasoning in the pantries of chefs around the world.

  • Pig's In Autumn's Blanket
  • Irish Soda Bread