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Brown Mustard Seeds
Brown Mustard Seeds

Épices de Cru Whole Indian Brown Mustard Seeds $8 USD

A unique, rich flavour to complement your next dish

We love the delicious hazelnutty flavour that arises when we sizzle this spice in olive oil before adding anything else. The way the divine creaminess of real olive oil combines with this spice works to make a wonderful base to add other ingredients too. It helps to produce great dishes, from hearty Indian meals to unique salad dressings!

An indispensable spice for Indian cooking, the brown mustard seed has a much milder flavor than yellow seed. When sauteed, it takes on a dark, nutty, hazelnut flavor that is highly prized by Indian chefs. Use as a blended spice in marinades or to create your own spice blends; it is a wonderful binding spice that unites varied flavors to create a unified, savoury whole.

  • Fruity Mostarda
  • Sweet Potato Fries w/ Balsamic Ketchup