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Barrel Aged Apple Cider Vinegar

Olive The Senses Barrel Aged Apple Cider Vinegar $10 USD

This one’s for in-ciders only.

The aroma of this vinegar is reminiscent of freshly pressed apples - sweet, tart and like walking through an orchard. Sharp, faintly sweet and balanced, this vinegar has probiotics due to the ‘mother’ that are known to aid in gut health. The inherent acetic acid in Apple Cider Vinegar could help improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood pressure - soo good for you as well as delicious!

This vinegar with ‘Mother’ is made of 100% Italian Annurca apples, harvested in the south of Italy. These apples are firm and crunchy, with white pulp, sweet aroma, and a pleasantly acidic taste. This apple cultivar is a very important fruit in the Neapolitan cuisine and enjoys Protected Geographical Indication status within the European Union.