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Acacia Honey

Bernard Michaud French Acacia Honey $9 USD

From tree to hive to you!

We love this delicious light honey! It has a mild flavour and sweetness that makes it perfect for delectable food pairings! Adore this one as you smear it all over your cheeses and freshly baked breads! It makes a great cooking honey too! Woohoo!

Created in the historic region of Aquitaine, this honey displays the pride and tradition of the Michaud name. Created with cheese in mind, this honey pairs well with Gorgonzola, Roquefort, and Stilton cheeses and is especially delicious with St. Agur. The robust nature of this honey holds up well to very strongly flavoured cheeses. Try it drizzled over mushroom caps stuffed with blue cheese for a gourmet appetizer.