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Tempering Chocolate Made Easy!

Have you ever tried to make your own chocolate bars or candies, and ended up with a dull, gray sheen on the surface of your chocolate that almost looked like mold? Your chocolate didn’t go bad, it just “bloomed.” As nice as that sounds, it’s not what you want. Bloomed chocolate is the stuff that has gotten a little too hot and lost its temper (pun intended).

Throw a Holiday Chocolate Party!

Seriously, who’s not going to come to a chocolate-themed party? Do something deliciously different for the holidays with some of my best ideas yet. And please, pace yourself ; )

Hacks for the Perfect Holiday Cocktail Party

Ah, the holidays. A month of snow, shopping, and all those invites. Make your party the one people say yes to! And how? By making it a cocktail party of course! In the haze of family dinners and work functions, people want a place to gather with friends and actually, well, party.

Thai Lantern Festivals Loy Krathong & Yi Peng

On November 14 this year, thousands of beautiful glowing khom lois, or “floating lanterns,” will light up the night skies of Northern Thailand. Meanwhile, the same luminescence will appear on waters throughout the nation. For this is the full moon of the 12th month of the traditional Thai calendar, and when the festivals of Yi Peng and Loy Krathong, respectively, take place.

Your Indian Spice Arsenal

Alright, so you stuffed yourself with pakoras and chicken tikka masala, washed it all down with mango ginger lassi, and the next day tried to be good with a tandoori chicken salad. Still want more? Of course you do! There is so much to Indian cuisine, but the road to culinary perfection begins with a single step. When we’re talking about Indian, what else would that first step be other than spices?

Indian Regional Cuisine

Being as ancient and populated as India is, the language, attire, and culture of each of the 28 Indian states vary immensely. What is one great thing that ties them together? Amazing food. Though even that is incredibly varied from state to state. Each is so different, yet equally as appetizing, so I’m breaking it down for you.

Primeras Impresiones

I recently saw an adorable comic. Illustrated was a person in a touristic city, with their heart and brain fully visible and enlarged. The brain expressed excitement to see the new city’s museums and significant cultural locations, while the engorged heart ignored it and pulled the hapless body in its own direction, exclaiming “No! We must have all their food!”

Miel Mtl

When This Table’s marketing guru decided to make the move to Montreal, we were pretty sad to lose one of our own. However now we’re mostly jealous. Not only have we been hearing all about the amazing art and foodie scene there, but she’s already gotten in touch with Miel Montreal (Miel Mtl for short), and gotten a tour of the company!

DIY Overnight Oats

It’s that time of the year again. I know, I’m sorry. I tried to resist it for as long as possible. Right about now you’re either going back to school, running around trying to get your kids back into gear for class...

Organic Food - What you need to know

Unless you live at a fast food restaurant, you’ve noticed the organic movement pop up around the first half of the 20th century, and really gain headway in the new millennium. We’ve seen a lot of progressive food trends surface, but “organic” is arguably the most popular – and expensive. So I want to know, is it worth the hype?

Food Fads Exposed

In the past years, we’ve seen a massive – and very promising– food reform movement underway. The public has begun to question what’s in their food and where it comes from, and I think that’s pretty awesome. The interest that has gathered around being healthier and food-conscious has turned into an industry of its own.

The Chocolate Project

“The chocolate world is kind of where the coffee world or beer brewing world were 20 years ago. There were basically two brands of beer in Canada, and they were both the same! Now it’s an amazing, amazing world out there if you love beer. The same thing’s happening for chocolate.”

A better back-to-school you!

Revisiting our childhood favourites this week, we definitely ate a lot. This was no salad theme week! Spaghetti and meatballs, pop-tarts, pizza, all the good stuff. But also so heavy. We realized a lot of parents have this kind of stuff stocked 24/7. It must be hard to maintain a healthy diet when there’s all those delicious...

Greek Cuisine: A 4000-year project

Civilization, art, theatre, architecture, philosophy, law and justice, etc. all have roots in Ancient Greece, but all that wouldn’t have gotten done without eating! And while I can say with quite a bit of confidence that I’d rather eat modern meals than archaic ones, I have a feeling Ancient Greek cuisine – and everything thereafter – was kind of delicious. After all, they did epitomize my love for olive oil and wine!

Back to School Life Hacks

It’s that time of the year again! While the fact that kids going back to school is exciting in that you’ll finally have a few hours alone every day, the processes surrounding their getting on and off that big yellow bus can be anything but peaceful. So I’ve scoured the web in order to find you the best tips, tricks, and hacks that will make you the smiling and zen parent the others are always wondering about.

History of Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil oh, how I love you so. I don’t like to use the word “superfood” often, but if I did, it would be now. “Extra Virgin” is the mark of superlative olive oil production. It contains all the flavour, colour, and health benefits that virgin and other olive oils do not.