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Artisan Profile: Caramoomel

Farm-to-table is a social movement that’s really gained momentum lately. It promotes the consumption of local food straight from the producer, promoting food traceability and support of local economies. Whenever I thought about this movement, I immediately thought of farmers markets and trendy downtown restaurants. Now I think of Caramoomel too.

Artisan Profile: Olive the Senses

I’ve never been to Italy, and the same reason I’d love to go is the one I choose to stay away from the country: my appetite for good Italian food. Olives, pasta, pizza, good veggies, fresh bread, all covered with fresh olive oil. You can try to recreate it at home, but you can never get it quite right, can you?

AMMA Chocolate

Once upon a time an American chocolatier named Frederick Schilling founded the chocolate company Dagoba, whose success soon caught the attention of the Hershey Company. The conglomerate visited Schilling many times with more and more tempting buyout offers, but Schilling always refused. Perhaps because part of this agreement would mean his chocolate making days in the U.S.A. would be over. Easy to see why someone with his passion and talent would be discouraged..

Featured Artisan: Laurie Hashizume

Imagine you’re carefully preparing a delicious meal made with quality ingredients that’s beautifully presented. Do you want that lovely layout to be overpowered or underrepresented by ugly and/or poor quality dishes? You’ve perfected your very first...

Artisan Profile: Penna Olives

Penna takes the olive game to the next level, and we are eternally grateful. Known as “California’s Everyday Specialty,” Penna Olives are grown, processed, and packed on M&CP Farms in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California. The company boasts tons of different styles of fresh and cured olives, spreads, preserved fruits and vegetables, even a delicious dirty martini mix!

Sitting down with Heidi Fink

“Food is a crux and is really important to many aspects of life. From the point of view of food, you can study history, anthropology, science, agriculture, politics, gastronomy, and culture. In a nutshell, food is something everything else can pivot around.”

Artisan Profile: Mrs. Jones Jams

Rebecca Jones; wife, mother, recipe creator, label designer, jam, jelly, and marmalade maker, local business supporter, and one fantastic food artisan. She’s the woman behind Mrs. Jones Jams, a range of delicious and authentic jams and preserves made in Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island. Everything produced is a labour of love, made by hand in small batches of roughly twenty jars at a time using the traditional open kettle method. Every jar has her personal touch, and you can really taste the diffe

Artisan Profile: Hee-Haw Horseradish

Hee-Haw Horseradish is real-deal, “damn hot horseradish, because nothing else is!” Spearheaded by founder Graham Bavington, the company is committed to righting one of the many wrongs done to people by the mainstream food industry. What do I mean? Putting out a horseradish with poor...

Artisan Profile: Metropolitan Chef

Metropolitan Chef is a line of Seasoning Rubs that brings as much beauty to the palate as its origin of Vancouver Island brings to the eyes. Hailed as “the healthiest seasoning rub in the marketplace,” they are 100% natural. The line contains no additives, preservatives, or anti-caking ingredients, and is gluten free - but at no sacrifice of amazing taste. They are designed to be fast, flavourful, and healthy; enabling you to spend less time alone in the kitchen and more time at the table enjoyi

Artisan Profile : Level Ground Trading

I arrived at Level Ground really excited for my interview with co-founder Stacy Toews. I couldn’t wait to tour the coffee warehouse, where they sample, sort, roast, and package coffee, and pick Toews brain about what it’s like to run a company that sources fair-trade food from around the world. Unfortunately, no such interview was scheduled, due to the all-to-familiar marriage of communication issues and my own disorganization. But the friendly receptionist rang him up...

Artisan Profile: Lily Fawn and Earth's Herbal

Earth’s Herbal is as much a daily mental retreat as it is one from the complicated and controversial pharmaceutical industry. Since 1992, Earth’s Herbal has successfully carried out its intention of sharing knowledge and unique herbal remedies including teas, hot chocolates, and medicinal skin care products. These creations have been incorporated into people’s lives and returning to them is something to look forward to every day. Lily Fawn, the self-proclaimed “one woman show” behind Earth’s

Artisan Profile: Aaron Tann and Second Crack Coffee

I met Aaron Tann at 4:00 pm yesterday at Second Crack Coffee Lab, his warehouse café on Bridge Street. However I arrived at 3:30, giving me time to enjoy a big, delicious iced latte from the friendly and mellow barista. I loved the open and relaxed atmosphere of The Coffee Lab, with great high ceilings, lots of room, and a transparent nature. In the same space is the business’ own roaster, huge burlap sacks of beans, and a massive floor-to-ceiling cold brew coffee maker. You feel connected to

Artisan Profile: Sam Jones and 2% Jazz

I’ve never met a person as humbly passionate about coffee as Sam Jones. The owner of 2% Jazz Coffee got in touch with his love for java at an early age. He grew up with coffee; seeing it as a part of his family’s daily ritual in the house, and going with his dad to Vancouver’s Commercial Drive for a Saturday cappuccino treat. His roots in the food industry, Jones was always driven to improve the quality of the coffee he was handling with a special attention to detail. Jones soon saw a flourish

Artisan Profile: Epices de Cru

When it comes to whole spices imported from around the world, Épices de cru has made their mark. Importing spices from over 25 countries while maintaining a strict commitment to quality , we are proud to feature Épices de cru products in our store. Épices de cru began as a family-run business by husband and wife Philippe and Ethné de Vienne in 1982. As a catering business, the couple were troubled by a serious lack of quality within the industry in Montreal, so they looked to inspiration